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Bloom’s approach to school catering is as follows;

  • Food cooked from the heart. Homely, delicious recipes that are full of flavour.
  • Menus checked and approved by internationally recognised nutritionists.
  • Quality ingredients that are sourced from reputable suppliers both locally and overseas.
  • Everything is cooked from scratch including sauces. Nothing is purchased already frozen and premade.
  • We provide an eating environment at the school that is engaging, educational and playful so that mealtime becomes a joy rather than a problem.

Our Meals

Housemade Lamb Pasty

Lamb pasty housemade, tomato chutney
Sweet corn, potato and spring onion pasty (V)
Carrot soldiers, yoghurt cucumber dip
Cheese Crostini
Unsalted popcorn
Fresh fruit salad

Beef Cottage Pie

Beef cottage Pie
Vegetable cottage Pie (V)
Steamed sweet corn kernels
Honey roasted carrots
Wholewheat roll
Lemon drizzle cake

Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken cacciatore
Eggplant parmesan (V)
Parmesan polenta squares
Fresh Milk

Focaccia bread slice
Orange wedges

Chicken Tenders

Chicken tenders, housemade BBQ sauce
Sweet potato cakes, homemade BBQ sauce
Broccoli trees, yoghurt lemon dip
Unsalted popcorn
Zuchini fritters
Watermelon slices

Salmon Cakes

Salmon cakes, lemon mayo
Courgette, green peas and onion patty (V)
Cherry tomato pasta salad
Roasted sweet potato and carrot mash
Unsalted popcorn
Fresh fruit salad

Chicken Meatball Sub

Chicken Meatball Sub
Vegetable, chickpea ball sub, tomato salsa (V)
Mini yoghurt, cheese stick
Fruit Salad Cup
Veg Sticks and Hummus
Homemade banana bread

Chicken Shish Taouk

Chicken shish taouk
Grilled vegetables shish taouk (V)
Arabic bread
Vegetable sticks Hummus

Oatmeal date cookies

Penne Bolognese

Wholewheat penne hidden vegetables Bolognese
Wholewheat penne, hidden vegetables Napoli (V)
Cheese sticks Orange wedges
Vegetable sticks and white bean dip
Nut free muesli bars

Pineapple Chicken Pizza

Pineapple chicken pizza
Courgette, pea, mint focaccia pizza
Mini yoghurt, cheese stick
Fruit salad cup
Veg sticks and hummus
Homemade musli bars

About Us

Bloom is the primary school catering division of Dish Catering and Events.

Henry and Kate Dyer opened Dish in 2008. Dish is famous for high-end VIP events for both the private and corporate market. We source the best possible ingredients from around the world to create food that is vibrant, contemporary and delicious.

In 2014 Dish diversified into school catering and Bloom was born. We built a purpose kitchen that is dedicated to school catering and 100% nut-free.

Key People

Henry Dyer (Managing Director)

Henry has worked in the hospitality industry and has excelled with over 20 years of award winning hospitality experience. He is the founder of Dish Catering and Events a high-end, boutique catering.

In 2015, Dish diversified into school catering and Bloom was born. Henry has a special interest in healthy eating for kids as he has 2 beautiful daughters. At home both Henry and his wife Kate take special care in providing delicious home cooked meals that are full of vegetables, grains, fruit, dairy and protein. They are always researching new recipes and discovering new ways for their children to interact more with food so that it becomes second nature rather than problematic during meal time.

Ahian Jenkins (Operations Manager)

Ahian is a self-confessed foodie with a passion for nutrition she believes in a sensible balanced approach to all foods. She also believes that creating healthy food habits from a young age is vital for growth and development. Ahian has many years of experience in the hospitality and management sector in New Zealand as well as an abundance of knowledge in nutrition and food intolerances. In her spare time you will find Ahian out and about discovering quirky, new cafes and restaurants.

Karl Elias (Head Chef of School Catering)

Originally from Canada, Karl has over 20 years experience as a chef. He has done it all from fine dining restaurants, cafes, catering and hotels. Karl is passionate about cooking everything from scratch and is excited by the prospect of making a true difference to kids eating habits in the UAE. Karl is currently studying nutrition as part of his target to become a fully qualified nutritionist by 2017. Karl’s hands-on approach and dedication to his craft makes him the perfect Head Chef to understand kids needs and taste.

Glenis Heath (Nutritioinist)

Glenis Heath is a passionate and inspiring educator of Food and Nutrition studies in secondary schools. She has taught in a wide range of schools across the state of Victoria in Australia inspiring students to eat well for a healthy future.

She is a past President and Life Member of the teachers’ organisation Home Economics Victoria, and in this role, encouraged and supported many teachers to pass on knowledge of health and nutrition to their students. She is also co-author of a range of market leading school textbooks including Food by Design for junior students and Food Solutions for senior students. She currently works as an Educational Consultant for Food and Nutrition Studies and conducts student lectures and many workshops for teachers.


Efficient, engaging, educational

  • Children will walk into the dining room and make their way straight to the serving area.
  • Colourful compartmentalised trays will be waiting with real metal cutlery that has been rolled in a paper napkin.
  • With their own individual trays, children are free to sit next to their friends as they please.
  • Bloom staff will carefully serve the food on the trays using pre-determined portion amounts.
  • To incite children to explore new ingredients, Bloom staff encourages children to eat food they do not necessarily want to try. After careful coercion from teachers some food ingredients that were previously not liked by children are often enjoyed.
  • If a child has finished their main meal including vegetables, they are invited back for seconds.
  • Under supervision, once the child has finished their main course they will take their trays up to the clearance area and scrape their trays. Cutlery is placed in a separate container. This is a very good lesson for the students to learn, it makes them feel responsible for their own environment.


Pathway to Healthy Food

Bloom is committed to providing meals that follow the “Pathway to good health”.

We understand the importance of sound nutrition during childhood years and its impact on children’s future health as adults. Our goal is to model, and reinforce sound nutrition for children by offering healthy food choices when designing our menus.

Our menus offer a wide variety of foods, exposing children to new ingredients and tastes. Our meals will encourage a child’s interest in food and create less fussy and more adventurous eaters. If a child sees other children enjoying food at school, they are more likely to try it too.

Bloom believes it is important to establish good eating behaviours from an early age as these habits become much harder to change as the child becomes older.


Bloom schools

Dish currently caters to all 3 Kings’ School campuses, The Arcadia Preparatory School and Swiss International Scientific School.

We successfully feed 800 happy students a hot 3-course meal every day.

Communication with parents

At any time, parents are able to contact Henry and his team for any questions or feedback. Indeed, Bloom is very active in promoting food committees so that children, teachers and parents have the opportunity to offer suggestions to improve the program even more.

From time to time Bloom will email parents directly for any updates and post information on school notice boards.

Bloom prides itself on being very transparent.

At each of our school we also operate the parent-teacher café called The Counter. We offer a variety of delicious array of pastries, fresh fruit, wraps, sandwiches, tea, coffee and cold drinks. The Counter is an oasis where parents and teachers can socialise away from the busy school common areas. Of course during pick up and drop off children are more than welcome to accompany their parents to the café.

Contact Us

+971 4 422 1613

Kings’ School Dubai & Arcadia Preparatory School

Kings’ School Al Barsha & Swiss International Scientific School